Message from the

Kaitlyn Rieder & Daniella Reynolds

Welcome to the 67th Annual Beaux Arts Ball! Thank you for joining us as we celebrate the arts and support our beloved Lowe Art Museum. Fire & Ice was born out of a desire to let the creativity of this art-focused group shine. We wanted to throw a really cool party in America’s hottest city; to create an event with a beautiful atmosphere and endless possibilities. We can’t wait to see what the night has in store!

Beaux Arts was founded in 1952 by a group of 50 like-minded women with a passion for the arts. It was their mission to provide improvements and assistance to the Lowe Gallery. Today, between active and associate members, Beaux Arts is nearly 400 strong and has raised over $6 million in support of the arts. The Ball plays a huge role in our fundraising efforts, and each and every one of you here tonight is vital to the success of this event. We are so proud to be a part of this legacy.

Special thanks to our President, Lauren Dowlen, for her endless support and guidance. She has been the epitome of helpful and encouraging throughout this entire process. We wish her a year full of success!

Thank you to: Our amazing Décor chair, Michele Reese Granger, who has taken this theme to the next level and brought our vision to life. From the gorgeous décor, to the live entertainment, to the completely over the top extras, thank you for all of it. Our Silent Auction chair, Monique Lavender Greenberg, who stepped into a huge and vital role in her first year as a Beaux Arts member and has done a phenomenal job putting together a stellar auction with something for everyone. To our Program chairs, Andrea Poulos and Kate Valois, who upgraded us to an interactive digital program and made it beautiful. Ashley Andren and Chelsea Tombley, our OneCause chairs, for managing our BidPal software. Samantha Murphy and Vicky Hucks, for coordinating our guest list and invitations. Jaclyn Taylor, for all of your website assistance. Monica Mase and Jeanne Carbonell, for your enthusiastic raffle ticket sales and organization of the skits. And to our Associate Gold committee members Heather Bass, Jeanne Carbonell, Vicky Hucks, Sara James, Samantha Murphy, Morgan Smith, and Coco Palenque Torre, thank you for choosing to share your expertise with us!

Thank you to our entire Ball Committee who has been working tirelessly for many months. You have all gone above and beyond: Callie Buck, Ansley Campbell, Shannon Carricarte, Nikki DeLuca, Jeni Dickerson, Maxine Earle, Candace Falsetto, Lacy Gallagher, Carli Hoppe, Rebecca Macias, Danielle Milota, Priscilla Rettig, Monica Sanchez and Lauren Uzarek.

Thank you to our sponsors, underwriters, in-kind donors, raffle and silent auction donors, advertisers and guests. Your continued support year after year makes it possible for us to carry on with our mission. Every dollar we are able to raise is because of you and we appreciate you beyond words.

It has been an honor to be at the helm of the longest-running costume ball in South Florida. We hope we have made our friends and family who came before us as Ball Chairs proud. Most of all, we hope you enjoy yourself and all that Fire & Ice has to offer. Thank you for your support. We hope to see you again next year!

With Gratitude,

Kaitlyn Rieder & Daniella Reynolds
2019-2020 Beaux Arts Ball Co-Chairs